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Friday, February 13, 2015
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Every holiday is a GREAT excuse to take photos of your little one growing. For Valentine's Day this year I set up a baby studio in Caroline’s nursery using a super cute heart backdrop and my vinyl floor. This is the perfect set-up for my littlest of clients. I started out with Caroline while waiting for Noelle to arrive. It was adorable! She actually decided to give me lots of smile and expressions (not always easy with my little lady).

When Noelle arrived we decided to let her warm up to the camera with Caroline by her side… What we got was HILARIOUS! Caroline was a bit more excited than Noelle and super interested in touching and “happy yelling” at her friend. Needless to say it was super cute and funny.

But they weren’t all "funny" we did manage to get some ridiculously cute ones of the two little ladies.

After we were done shooting the two we captured some beautiful images of Noelle to commemorate her first Valentine's day!

If you are interested in setting up a studio shoot in your home or mine for the holidays please contact me at 352-262-2294 or shoot us an email at

These sessions can be done inside or outside and are the best way to document your kids growing over the years. Unfortunately for my daughter this means EVERY holiday ;) but I know I will cherish these images forever.