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Friday, March 04, 2016
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After our long drive to the coast we enjoyed a fun night of wine and pizza by the pool as the baby slept. The next few days were cloudy and rainy so we spent time walking the beach, exploring a near by town and lounging at our beautiful rental house.

While walking around the town we came across a school that was having a celebration. One of the games they were playing required the kids to climb to the top of a greased pole to get treats, it was a blast watching! We never got to see them get to the top because we had a wedding to get to! That is why we were in Ecuador afterall ;) 

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Saturday, February 06, 2016
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Driving long distance with a toddler is always a gamble, so driving with one in a foreign country could be considered an all in bet! After our night/day in Quito we packed up and flew to Guayaquil, Ecuador. It was a quick flight and the terminal in Quito had an indoor playground for Caroline to burn off some energy, so we made sure to arrive early to grab some dinner and let Caroline play her little heart out.

We stayed in Guayaquil for two days at the Hilton near the airport. Safety is an issue in the city so we decided to enjoy the beautiful hotel pool and relax by the swim up bar most of our stay. This also gave Caroline the opportunity to catch up on her sleep and readjust after our long journey from the States. The rehearsal dinner was on Thanksgiving in one of the hotel ballrooms. It was a great opportunity for both families to meet before the wedding day.

The day after Thanksgiving we took on our journey to the costal town of Olon, Ecuador. The drive was supposed to take three hours but some how took us the entire day. There were beautiful views and roads with no designated lanes. Caroline enjoyed the views and snoozed the majority of the adventure. By the time we got into Olon we were stopped by a road blockage due to a protest and burning tires. We used this as an opportunity to grab some fresh seafood beachside and enjoy the views.